About Us

Fit 4 Glory is a Faith, Family, Food and Fitness Company Founded by Jackie and Josh Collins Based in Walker, MN.  Our Business Promotes Healthy Lifestyles, Wellness of the Spirit, Tight Family Bonds, Great Food, and the Knowledge  that “With God All Things Are Possible”.


Josh and I have always held to the belief that we are all created for a purpose on this earth. I was born in Port Au Prince, Haiti, and spent the first few years of my life in the Rainbow of Love Orphanage. Life was challenging, but through Memier and Gladys, (The two lovey women who ran the orphanage) I knew without a doubt that  brighter days were ahead. When I was five years old I was adopted and brought to Walker, MN. With this tremendous change in climate, lifestyle, language, diet and customs, I was determined to overcome and adapt to a new normal. Failure was never an option.

When I was in ninth grade I met Josh, a senior. (gasp!) We both realized very early in our relationship that we were meant to be together and start a family. They say that if you want to see God smile, tell him you have made plans. God smiled and apparently gave us his blessing because we did just that: grew up, went to college, got married and had four beautiful children. Our lives were good, but we knew that if we listened to God they could continue to grow.  Through listening, reading of scripture, prayer, and faith in God we began our journey!

Our lifestyle and business are built on the ideals of faith, family, food and fitness combined into a four fold philosophy that integrates all of these components. Health and wellness involves what we put into our bodies, our minds and our relationships; with our family, community and God. To this end, we have created Fit 4 Glory, a lifestyle of healthy eating, physical fitness, strengthening family bonds and a knowledge that “with God all things are possible”.

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