Frequently Asked Questions

Online: We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal and Discover credit cards. We unfortunately do not accept cash, international credit cards, COD’s, checks, or money orders.

Email or phone/pick: We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit cards, as well as cash. Unfortunately, we do not accept checks.

No, we do not offer those services as of right now.

All meals are made at the Walker Area Community Center kitchen.

Yes. Please check out the Gift a Meal page.

We do use restaurant quality product at all times and do try whenever possible to use organic fruits and vegetables, grain fed beef and hormone free chicken. The ingredients are all antibiotic free, hormone and pesticide free. Since our menu is a sustaining menu, at certain times of the year, some product is not readily available or is not at reasonable cost. In all cases we use top quality ingredients and never compromise with lesser quality products, ingredients or spices. Having healthy and nutritious meals is our intention at all times.

We suggest eating your meals within 6-7 days if you keep them refrigerated. However, if you freeze your meals, they will last in the freezer up to 4 months.

The best way to store your meals is either in a refrigerator or freezer. Do not tamper with the containers. Keep them sealed at all times.

Reheating instructions:  We recommend, if frozen, place meal in the fridge the night prior to eating. Minimum cook temperature should be at least 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 20mins.

Let food cool prior to eating.

You can email us at getfit4glory@gmail.com or call 218.209.1822 any time during regular business hours.

After we receive your order, you will be emailed an order confirmation, which proves that the order was placed and that we received it.

You can order meals as frequently as you would like. You can order on a one time, weekly, and monthly basis, whatever works best for you!

Privacy & Security

Here at Fit 4 Glory we take your personal information very serious and under no circumstance will sell or share your contact information. Your payment will be processed through authorize.net, one of the leaders in security and compliance.

Didn’t Answer a Question?

No worries. Give us a call or email.

218 – 209 – 1822 or getfit4glory@gmail.com