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All-Access Accountability Group

  • 4Weeks
  • 48Steps


Include in the program: Daily Faith Based Accountability All-Access to 5min, 25min and Stretching Series Weekly Lessons 50+ Gut-Healing Recipes Daily Workouts How To Videos Have you ever heard the sayings "your vibe attracts your tribe" or "you are whom you hang out with"?  There are so many similar sayings out there, but the gist of them is that your life is mostly shaped by those with whom you spend the most time. Many of us in the past have been a part of different "accountability" groups that end up feeling more like a competition versus a group of strong women encouraging and supporting each other while achieving life-altering growth and goals.  As women and sisters in Christ, we need to spend more time supporting each other through all seasons of our lives. 

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All-Access Plan, $75.00


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