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Meet Jackie

Jackie Collins

Owner/Personal Trainer

My name is Jackie Collins! I am a wife, mother of four

beautiful children, personal trainer, and a child of God!

God has placed a passion inside me to help others get

healthy through my six-week Total Body Reset program.  My husband Josh and I have always held to the belief

that we are all created for a purpose on this earth. I was born in Port Au Prince, Haiti, and spent the first few years of my life in the Rainbow of Love Orphanage. Life was

challenging, but through Memier and Gladys, the two

lovely women who ran the orphanage, I knew without a

doubt that brighter days were ahead. When I was five

years old I was adopted and brought to Walker, MN.

With this tremendous change in climate, lifestyle, language, diet, and customs, I was determined to overcome and adapt to a new normal. Failure was never an option.

When I was in ninth grade I met Josh, a senior. (gasp!) We both realized very early in our relationship that we were meant to be together and start a family. They say that if you want to see God smile, tell him you have made plans. God smiled and apparently gave us his blessing because we did just that: grew up, went to college, got married, and had four beautiful children. Our lives were good, but we knew that if we listened to God they could continue to grow.  Through listening, reading of scripture, prayer, and faith in God we began our journey!  


Eight years ago, after my children were all born I was suffering from Lyme disease, obesity, depression, a deep-rooted feeling of anger, and an all-around sense of being lost with nowhere to turn. I'd tried every program out there, but none seem to truly get to the root of the problem (my spiritual and mental health). After many years of feeling lost in the wilderness, I finally reached out to God and asked him to help heal me. Fast forward five years and the journey that originally started with me learning to heal myself from within, led me to create Fit 4 Glory. As true as it was for me and so many others that I've helped over the years, I truly believe that in order to find lasting change in your life you can't solely look at losing a few pounds. At the end of the day, if that is all that you focus on, you'll most likely fall back into your old habits. However, if you're able to heal yourself from the inside out and truly focus on growing not only in your mental, but spiritual health as well your life can and will truly change forever.

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